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Transaction Types

What type of deals can I do on Brokers Carbon?

When you use our system as a buyer or a seller you will also be presented with three different types of transactions (or deal types to keep it simple) that can be done. You are free to select how you would like to structure your deal and you can even list multiple scenarios if you are not 100% sure.

The four transaction types we use are:

  • OTC Transactions
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Development Opportunities

The reason we have three different types is that we recognize that early stage projects do not always fit neatly into a normal buy/sell scenario. In fact early stage projects are quite the opposite. Often they need investment capital, project partners and development assistance just to get them off the ground long before any credits or offsets are available for sale.

As such we have developed four very simple and flexible types of transactions that are possible on our system. And as always as a buyer or a seller you are free to work out the specific details later on once you have indentified an opportunity that is of interest to you.

OTC Transactions

Over the counter transactions are typically used for projects that are finished or ready to go and the credits can be transacted as part of the actual agreement. OTC transactions can either be done through an exchange (as the credits can be tracked) or direct with a final counterparty depending on your needs. Whilst some form of agreement is still required it does not have to be an ERPA and may vary depending on how the deal is structured.

Investment Opportunities

The option is much simpler and relates to a buyer or investor making a direct investment in the underlying project and or asset itself. This is seen as more of a business transaction and as such shares or ownership may be transferred as part of the transaction. Once again there are no set rules around making an investment and the terms and conditions of a contract are often negotiated directly between the investor and seller.

Development Opportunities

Development opportunities are typically used for everything else that doesn’t fit into a straight buy/sell scenario (OTC Transactions) and or a direct capital investment (Investment Opportunity). As such is it perfect for those who have assets (such as land) but not the technical expertise to develop it into a emissions reduction project (such as a project developer). Once again this type of transaction is treated more like a business deal and or partnership however instead of being transacted with money it will typically revolve around assets and or intellectual property.

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