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Project Types

Project Classification

At Brokers Carbon we classify all of our projects and opportunities using four different project categories. This allows us to create and maintain a searchable database that is broad enough to indentify the type of opportunity you want, yet also detailed enough to list a specific type of project.

We should also point out that our database is not intended to be the most detailed or information rich. Instead we are trying to make it the smartest and allow you to simply indentify opportunities in a fast and efficient way that you may not have known about already. Then once you have found a project that is of interest to you are free to go into more detail one-on-one.

The four different (yet related) categories we use to classify all of our project are;

  • Project Sector (example: Renewable Energy)
  • Project Type (example: Hydro Power – Small Scale)
  • Project Sub-type (example: Run of River)
  • Project Methodology (example: AMS-I.D)

Project Sectors

Project Sectors are the highest level of classification we use. Whilst these are relatively fixed at an industry level, sometimes you will find there is an overlap (or grey area) amongst some of the different carbon standards and programs.

At Brokers Carbon we use seven different project sectors to classify all of our projects plus an additional category for everything else called ‘Other’. Unfortunately there are just too many variables to actually classify every project type in every carbon market into just seven sectors.

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Methane Capture
  • Forestry & Land Use
  • Industrial Gases
  • Fuel Switching
  • Agriculture
  • Other Project Types

Once you have chosen a ‘Project Sector’ the next step is to choose a more specific project type. This list can start getting quite extensive and is generally how a project is referred to at a commercial or transaction level. At this level it is also important to remember that it’s still not about the technology yet. Instead it’s about the type of emission reductions that are occurring or going to occur. As an example we have listed the main project types below for just ‘Renewable Energy’.

If you’d like more information on the different project types and how it all works you may like to either buy a copy of the ‘Project Development 101’ ebook on this site or list a project and our system will take you through the whole process.

Renewable Energy – Project

  • Biomass
  • Geotherma
  • Hydro Power – Large
  • Hydro Power – Small
  • Solar Power – Large
  • Solar Power – Small
  • Tidal Power
  • Wind Power – Large
  • Wind Power – Small
  • Other

Project – Sub-Types & Methodologies

Then comes the fun part, the ‘Sub-Types’ and the ‘Methodologies’. This is where is can get really complicated as each individual project type can have up to a dozen different ‘sub-types and as many related methodologies In addition to this there are also new technologies and projects being developed all the time which means that this list is forever changing. As such we have designed our system to be extremely flexible and it can comfortably handle all current and future sub-types and methodologies.

Once again for more information on all this we suggest buying a copy of our ebook on ‘Project Development 101’ for beginners or for those who understand it already just getting started.

Alternatively if you've got a project that you'd like to start or an existing one thats already underway then you might also like to list it on our website and start promoting it to the primary carbon market.

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