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Brokers Carbon is always looking to align ourselves with companies and originators that have carbon credits for sale. As a specialist platform we do not create our own offsets, consultant or conduct audits. Instead all we do is provide information to those who need it.

Why deal with Brokers Carbon?

  • We understand the marketplace
  • Our buyers are qualified and ready to buy
  • We are independent and do not sell our own credits
  • Our buyers are from the industry and normally buy larger volumes

We act as a information based platform between the various buyers and sellers in the primary carbon market. Our members (the buyers) like to use our services as they can access to a wide variety of carbon credits and in a safe and confidential manner.

Likewise, our suppliers also like to deal with us as we give them access to qualified buyers who are interest to buy carbon credits.

Our Database

To make sure that we can quickly meet the needs of our clients and ensure that we do not waste the time of our suppliers, Brokers Carbon has developed industry leading project database. This database allows us to store various types of information relating to our suppliers and their project including the type of credits they have available and the price they are asking for.

Carbon suppliers that have carbon credits for sale are encouraged to list their projects with us and add their information to our Database. We should also mention that Brokers Carbon does not actually purchase any carbon credits directly, instead we use our databse to match buyers and sellers together.

How do I list my project on the database?

Listing a project with Brokers Carbon is really easy (assuming you have all the information you need on hand of course).

What do I need, to qualify for a listing in the Database?

Its very simple, all you need to do is confirm the following to us;

  • Ensure that you have a commercial quantity of carbon credits for sale. We normally prefer a minimum total quantity of 10,000 tonnes to list you on the databank (this minimum amount can however be made up of smaller parcels).
  • Ensure you have full ownership of the proposed project or credits that you would like to sell or have the legal rights to sell them on behalf of a third party.

If you are interested in registering your project with us please click here for more information.

Step 1. Create your account and agree to our services agreement.

Step 2. Select the type of project listing you would like. At this point you’ll need your credit card for the initial upfront listing fees.

Step 3. Fill in your project information. This step is the most important step and may also take the longest. If needed you can also save it at anytime and come back to it later on. Once completed simply submit it for approval.

Step 4. Brokers Carbon will then review your listing and make sure it is all in order. Minor changes will be made on your behalf and we’ll also let you know if there are any problems.

And that’s it, your project goes LIVE for all to see.

Click here if you'd like to find out more about the types of transactions you can do.

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