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The Important Details

Things you should know

Before listing a new project with us we highly reccomend that you read the following information that includes a brief summary of the main terms and conditions listed in our 'Listing Agreement'. If you would like to review our 'Listing Agreement' in full this can be done once you are a 'Registered User' and prior to submitting your project to us for final approval.

Download a Summary (PDF) - The Important Details

  The Important Details
Listing Fees

Pay Per Project Listing are for 12 months, country specific and are charged annually in advance.

Our Full Service Brokerage option is projects based, country specific and may be subject to a success fee on signing of a contract and higher brokerage fees.

Success Fees & Commissions A brokerage fee will be charged on all successful deals and transactions that close as a result of using our services. In addition to this we may also charge a success fee on signing for early stage projects/forward sales.
How do I calculate the commission?

Standard commissions are based on the following table:*

$1 - $5 million = 3.50%

$5 million - $25 million = 3.00%

$25 million - $100 million = 2.50%

$100 million and over = By Negotiation

All amounts are listed in USD.

For the avoidance of doubt a transaction valued at $6 million USD would result in a commission of $205,000 on settlement.  

Commissions and the Exclusivity Period

(please note this is only for projects that are or have been listed with us)

Whilst your project is listed with us online (and for a period of 36 months after for early stage projects and forward sales or for a period of 18 months for over-the-counter transactions) we are entitled to charge a commission in regards to the project on all and any transactions that are made as a result of an intorduction (both directly and indirectly) with one of our registered users.
Transactions & Settlements Unless agreed otherwise by Brokers Carbon all transactions and settlements will be conducted through an authorised Brokers Carbon settlement house/facility/partner.

* Commissions may change from time to time but are individually locked in per project at the time of listing and the minimum commission amount per transaction is $500 USD.

Questions & Answers

Q. Who will be able to see my project information and contact details online?

A. Our system has been designed to be as transparent as possible. All your basic project information will be available online to all registered users including pictures, project summary, region, sector, project type and asking price. Information such as country of origin, registry details and your direct contact details can only be seen by our direct access members (direct access buyers).

Q. Will I be able to see who the buyers are and contact them direct?

A. No, unfortunately not. This is one of the main reasons why the system works and buyers register with us. This way they can keep their identity private until they choose to contact you direct.

Q. What if I need help with my listing?

A. That’s not a problem, we are always here to help. Every time you list a new project you are also allocated a personal project manager by Brokers Carbon who will help you any issues and check that your project is ok to go live. Once live, your project manager will also follow your project through to final settlement and help you to ensure that everything is ok with you project along the way.

Q. What if my project is already listed somewhere or on a registry.

A. That’s actually a positive. We have a section built into all listings that allows you to link to a registry if your project is already listed on it. From a buyers perspective this adds to the credibility of the project and lets them check it all out first and make sure everything is in order.

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