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Then list your project or opportunity with us today and start promoting yoru project to buyers and investors.

Instant online signups, no account opening fees or long paperwork delays.  Simply choose the type of service that suits you and you'll be on your way.

Download Full Summary (PDF) - How to List Your Project

Full Service Brokerage Options

For Sellers

full service brokerage


Edit your own listing


Manage your own listing


Printable project summary


Setup multiple deal types


Mask your own identity


Dedicated EoI campaign 


Dedicated sales campaign


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View all supporting documents


How much does it cost?

From $850 per deal



Online Brokerage Options (Pay Per Project)

Memberships For Brokers (Agents)

How do I actually list a project?

Listing a project with Brokers Carbon is really easy (assuming you have all the information you need on hand of course).

Step 1. Create a new account online and agree to our standard 'user agreement'

Step 2. Select the type of listing or service you would like. At this point you’ll need your credit card for the initial  upfront listing fees.

Step 3. Fill in your project information using our simple online form and agree to our 'services agreement'. This step will take the longest and you can save it at anytime and come back to it later on if needed. Once completed simply submit it to us for final approval.

Step 4. Brokers Carbon will then review your listing and make sure it is all in order. Minor changes will be made on your behalf and we’ll also let you know if there are any problems.

And that's it, your project goes LIVE for all to see. 

What type of information will I need?

The simple answer to that is as much information as possible. Our system is very flexible and the more you include the better your chances are of a buyer contacting you. Things such as supporting documentation, indicative prices, standards and pictures are important. The minimum requirement to list a project is usually a project outline such as a PIN.

For further information please download this full summary(pdf) - 'How to List Your Project'

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