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The Important Details

Things you should know

Before starting a new service provider membership with us there is a few thing you should know. The following information includes a brief summary of the main terms and conditions listed in our 'Services Agreement'. If you would like to review our 'Services Agreement' in full this can be done once you are a 'Registered User' and before taking out an actual membership.

  The Imporant Details
Membership Fees Membership fees are paid either monthly or annually in advance. We require a minimum notice of 60 days to cancel your services and no refunds are available after the first 30 days of your membership (ie; the min term for a monthly membership is 90 days after signing up or one year for an annual membership).
Your role as a consultant in regards to commissions Brokers Carbon charges a commission on all transactions and deals that occur between our buyers and sellers. In the event you end up being a third party to any transaction or deal that is made payment of these commissions is due at settlement and paid out of the SELLERs funds. Prior to settlement Brokers Carbon will also put a disbursement authority in place as part of the final transaction and settlement process which you may need to sign if you are a third party.*
Targeted Advertising One $95 per month membership entitles you to targeted advertising in one region. If you require targeted advertising in three region you will need three service provider memberships and so on.
Confidentiality and Non-compete As part of you being a service provider with us you will also be requried to agree to our 'services agreement'. This agreement includes confidentiality and a non-compete clauses to protect Brokers Carbon, our buyers and sellers. By agreeing to this agreement you will be bound by these clauses for a period of 36 months after you stop using our services.
Misconduct and Malpractice If at any time during your membership with us you are found to be guilty of misconduct or malpractice Brokers Carbon reserves the right to remove your details from our directory and stop your targeted advertising immediately.

Key Membership Benefits

Promote your services

Simply sign up online today with a ‘Service Providers Membership’ and you can start promoting your services to the carbon market immediately.

Choose your own region.

Our unique and targeted advertising option allows you to choose just the regions and carbon markets you are interested in. Target who you want, when you want with Brokers Carbon.

Access qualified buyers and sellers.

As a service provider on our platform your products and services will be promoted at a project level direct to our qualified buyers who are paying to have a membership with us and sellers who are paying to list their projects with us.

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