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The Important Details

Things you should know

Before starting a new membership with us we highly reccomend that you read the following information that includes a brief summary of the main terms and conditions listed in our 'Services Agreement'. If you would like to review our 'Services Agreement' in full this can be done once you are a 'Registered User' and before taking out an actual membership.

  The Imporant Details
Membership Fees

We offer two different types of memberships for buyers.

- Direct Access Memberships where users can view up to 5, 15 or unlimited projects per month depending on the type of membership they have selected.

- Pay Per Project Memberships where users can list one project at a time for a period of 12 months.

Membership fees are paid either monthly in advance or per project. We require a minimum notice of 60 days to cancel your services and no refunds are available after the first 30 days of your membership (ie; the min term for a monthly membership is 90 days after signing up).

Commissions Brokers Carbon charges a commission on all transactions and deal which is payable at settlement out of the SELLERs funds. Prior to settlement Brokers Carbon will also put a disbursement authority in place as part of the final transaction and settlement process.*
Exclusivity Whilst you are a member with us (and for a period of 36 months after you have cancelled your membership) we are entitled to a commission in regards to all and any transactions that occur as a result of your membership with us, the projects listed on our website and or direct contact with our sellers, their related entities and their associates. In the event you have an existing relationship with one of our sellers or consultants prior to becoming a member, Brokers Carbon will still be entitled to a commission if the project is listed with us in the event they are a counter party to any transaction that is made.
Transactions & Settlements Unless agreed otherwise by Brokers Carbon all transactions and settlements will be conducted through an authorised Brokers Carbon settlement house/facility/partner.

* Commissions may change from time to time but are individually locked in per project at the time of listing.

Key Membership Benefits

Deal direct with our sellers.

Simply sign up online today with a ‘Direct Access Membership’ and we‘ll give you immediate access to projects subject to the type of membership you have chosen. No middleman, no time delays and no losing any more opportunities due to bad third party communication.

Access early stage projects.

Unlike a regulated exchange or a formal registry we are able to list ‘very’ early stage projects (such as at PIN & PDD level) on our system. This means that now you can get commercially involved with new projects sooner and still have time to adjust them to suit your own needs.

Be one of the first to know about new projects.

As one of our members you also get to set your own customised project preferences. This means that as soon we find a project that matches your individual profile we’ll send you an email so you’ll be one of the first to know about it.

Save time and money.

With Brokers Carbon you can access every region, all carbon markets and all types of emission reduction projects with one simple membership. Imagine how many different employees and finders it would take to achieve the same result worldwide.

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