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When you unlock a project on our system it will stay open for 90 days giving you plenty of time to do your initial due diligence, decide if you are interested in the project and contact the owner.

What type of information can I see when I unlock a project?

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How can I start unlocking projects?

Getting started is easy. The first thing you need to do is sign up for one of our memberships online. We offer both free and paid memberships depending on your needs and how many projects you'd like to list. These type of memberships are knwon as 'direct access' which mean that you get to deal direct with the person who listed the project on our portal.

Click on the following link to find out how they both work and to see the membership plans and pricing.

How does the project 'unlock' feature actually work (and why do we do it?)

Prior to luanching this new platform online and opening it up for everyone else to use, we also used to be carbon brokers ourselves. As such we learnt a trick or two along the way when it comes to selling carbon credits. Therefore we understand the importance of sharing information with potential buyers whilst also having a structured sales process to follow to make sure they are serious.

Hence our systems allows interested buyers to 'unlock' projects for free however we still limit them to a certain number each month (subject of course to the type of membership they have) to make sure they choose wisely.

We've found this system to work well in the past and it usually makes them think twice about opening up random projects all the time that they are not really interested in (and tends to focuse them more on the one they are really interested in).

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