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CDM Project Development Roadmap

CDM Project Development Roadmap

If you're new to the carbon market and project development you may find the following Project Development Roadmap of interest. The summary table shown below (and the more detailed download we have attached) will give you very quick overview of the process that's actually involved in developing a new emissions reduction project from scratch.

Please note however that the process we have outlined is predominantly based on a compliance project under the Clean Development Mechanism, however the basic theory can still be applied to a voluntary project. In addition to this you also usually find that a voluntary project is acutally quicker and easier to develop in comparison to the process outlined here.

CDM Project Roadmap
Step 1.Scope2-4 weeks
Step 2.Design6-8 weeks
Step 3.Validation8-10 weeks
Step 4.Registration8-16 weeks
Step 5.MonitoringQuarterly
Step 6.Verification6-8 weeks
Step 7.Issuance2-4 weeks

Please download the following CDM Project Roadmap for further detail.

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