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Our Carbon Footprint

Brokers Environmental - Company Flights 2012

As a predominantly online business with a small team of specialists operating remotely around the world we are lucky to have a small carbon footprint when compared to more traditional types of business models.

In saying this and due to the nature of our business model, we do TRAVEL A LOT and this has an impact on our environment. As such we have decided to partner up with our friends at Climate Bridge and do our part for the environment each year by offsetting the emissions that we create annually from flying everywhere.

In 2012 our team of environmental matchmakers flew a total of 42 flights or 147,000 kms around the globe servicing our customers which emitted approximately 12,674 kgs of CO2e into the environment. This equates to around 13 tonnes of CO2e which we calculated internally oursleves using an internationally recognised carbon calculator designed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Plus we also decided to retire a few more credits just to be sure (making it 20 in total) to cover some other company emissions.

Click here to see the carbon credits that Climate Bridge retired for us on APX.

Official Offset Partner


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Which Project Did We Choose? 

Project Name:                     Dalian Maoyingzi Landfill Gas Recovery Project

Project Location:               China

Vintage:                              2009

Carbon Credit Type:         Pre-CDM Registration

Carbon Credit Standard: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

We choose to use the Dalian Maoyingzi Landfill Gas Recovery Project developed by Climate Bridge which prevents gases produced from waste in the landfill entering the atmosphere by covering the landfill with soil and grass, seeling in the waste and its gases, thereby stopping them from entering the atmosphere.

The methane given off by the waste is piped out of the site, filtered and flared. The flared gas then powers a 4 MW gas generation system which turns the gas into usable electricity. The electricity is then fed into the grid, replacing electricity that would have otherwise been supplied predominantly by coal-fired power plant.

This project has reduced the amount of harmful gases in the area which can be harmful to respiratory health whilst also minimising unpleasant odours from the garbage, substantially improving the quality of life for the thousands of residents that live in the area cloe to the landfill.

Prior to the project being built, the landfill gas is a threat to safety on the project site as the gases produced by the landfill are flammable and potentially explosive. The project activity seals the landfill and thus reduces the risk of fire and explosion on the project site.

In addition to this approximately 15 new permanent, jobs have been created as a result of the project, the majority obeing taken by local people. These jobs boost local incomes and increase the skill level of local workers, who can learn technical skills related to LFG recovery and power generation.

If you would like more information on this project please contact us for further information.



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