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Carbon Farming Initiative

Australia's Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI)

In 2012 the Australian government started a new 'Carbon Farming Initiative' (also known as the CFI) as part of a broader Clean Energy Plan.

The Carbon Farmers Initiative is one of the four major pillars under Australia’s new Clean Energy Plan. It has been designed to allow the agricultural sector (mostly farmers) to unlock it's carbon potential by creating project that can generate carbon credits under what is the first sector wide carbon scheme of its type in the world.

Primarily the CFI has been designed to provide a financial incentive for farmers, forest growers, landholders and landfill operators to develop projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon credits that are issued under the CFI are known as Australian Carbon Credit Units (or ACCUs)and subject to the type of project that they are generated from they can be used in both compliance and voluntary markets around the world including under Australia's new Emission Trading Scheme.

Project Types Under the CFI

1. Emission Reduction Projects. Projects that avoid greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

2. Carbon Sequestration Projects. Project that help to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
In terms of developing specific types of projects under the CFI they can also be separated into two main types or markets under the CFI being;
Compliance Projects Under the CFI.

- Reforestation
- Avoided Deforestation
- Regeneration of Native Vegetation on Land (prior to 1989)
- Methane Capture
- Methane Avoidance
- Savanna Fire Management
- Legacy Waste from Landfills
- Diversion of Legacy Waste from Landfills

The project types listed above are eligible to generate 'Kyoto ACCUs' under the CFI.
Voluntary Projects Under the CFI.

- Restoration of Wetlands
- Biochar to Soil Projects
- Non-forest Revegetation
- Introduced or feral animal management

The project types listed above are eligible to generate 'Non-Kyoto ACCUs' under the CFI.
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