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Units & Standards

Carbon Standards, Units & Programs

It’s taken us a lot of time (and some very fancy computer coding that you can’t actually see) but we’ve done our best to include all of the different carbon credits, standards, units and programs onto one single platform.

When you start going into the detail behind them all, it certainly is a complex web of relationships. And whilst most of them have been around for a while, we’ve also had to interpret a few of them to make it all work.

Also if we’ve missed any others that you know about we certainly didn’t mean too. Just drop us an email and we’d be more than happy to include it into our system... especially if you want to list a new type of project with us! As a result you can now list (and search for) any early stage project on our system that is based on any of the following;


AAUs - Assigned Amount Units
ACCus - Australian Carbon Credit Units
AOS CO2 - Alberta Offset Standard Offsets
CERs - Certified Emission Reductions
EPCs - Emission Performance Credits
ERUs - Emission Reduction Units
EUA - EU Allowances
GS CERs - Gold Standard CERs
NGACs - NSW GHG Abatement Certificates
NZUs - New Zealand Units
RECs - Renewable Energy Certificates
RGGAs - Regional GHG Initiative Allowances
RMUs - Removal Units
tCERs - Temporary CERs

CCB* - Climate, Community & Biodiversity
CCOs - Climate Certified Offsets
CFIs - Carbon Financial Instruments
CRTs - Climate Reserve Tons
ERTs - Emission Reduction Tons
GS VERs - Gold Standard VERs
pre-CDM - pre Clean Development Mechanism
PVCs* - Plan Vivo Certificates
RECs - Renewable Energy Certificates
REDD - Reduced Emissions from Deforestation & Degradation
SC VERs - Social Carbon VERs
VCUs - Voluntary Carbon Units
VER+ - Verified Emission Reductions Plus
VERRs - Verified Emission Reduction-Removals


AE - Alberta Environment
CDM - Clean Development Mechanism

CFi - Carbon Farmers Initiative
GS - Gold Standard
JI - Joint Implementation

14064-2 - ISO 14064-2 GHG Standard Projects
ACR - American Carbon Registry
CAR - Climate Action Reserve
CCBS - Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standard
CFI - Carbon Farmers Initiative

CPRE - Green-e Climate Protocol for Renewable Energy
GHG PP - WRI GHG G Protocol for Project Accounting
Green-e P - Green-e Program
GS - Gold Standard
PV - Plan Vivo
SC - Social Carbon
VCS - Verified Carbon Standard
VER+ - Verified Emission Reductions Plus


AOS - Alberta Offset Standard

AU ETS - Australian Emissions Trading Scheme
COSGG* - Canada’s Offset System for GHGs
CA ETS - Californian Emissions Trading Scheme

EU ETS - European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
Kyoto ET - Kyoto Protocol Emissions Trading
NSW GGAS - NSW GHG Abatement Scheme
NZ ETS - New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme
RGGI - Regional Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme
WCI - Western Climate Initiative

BC-EOR - British Columbia Emission Offset Organisation
CCX - Chicago Climate Exchange
Green-e C - Green-e Climate Program
Green-e E - Green-e Energy National Standard
NCOS - National Carbon Offset Standard

Disclaimer. And just to make sure we keep our lawyers happy, please note that Brokers Carbon is not an exchange or registry and does not physically register, transact or trade any of the units listed above. Instead we simply provide an information based service to our users as per the details listed on our website .

Also please note that not all of the units listed on our website actually exist as some of them are proposed and or pending issuance.

* Proposed or Ex-ante Units, Standard or Program

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