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Standard Advertising

If you are interested in advertising on our website please contact us direct to discuss your specific needs. As part of this please note the following in regards to our advertising policy;

  • We offer two different ads sizes on our website; 'Wide ads' are 300 x 250 pixels and 'narrow ads' are 145 x 544 pixels.
  • Typically the Wide Ads are used on the public area of our website and the Narrow Ads are used for searches and user based access.
  • Advertisers are may select which ad style they would prefer to use.
  • If you are unable to supply your own artwork we can arrange this for you however please note that this service is not included in our standard advertising rates
  • All our advertising rates are per month and we do not place any restrictions on the number of impressions during the campaign.
  • Full payment for all advertising is required advance prior to your campaign going live.
  • We reserve the right not to accept certain advertisers and advertisments that we do not feel are relevant to our users.

If you would like to discuss your advertising needs further and find out more information about our advertising rates please contact us.

Are you an independent service provider or consultant?

If you are an independant service provider or a consultant we offer a special targeted advertising option. Please click here to find out more information about this.

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